Ten things to purchase in bulk which will save you money

Soaps, detergents and shampoos : Soaps,detergents and shampoos have a long shelf life. Don’t hesitate to buy them in bulk in a sale in your departmental store or an online store.



Pasta: We all love pasta irrespective of our age. You can make yummy and healthy pasta recipes in a very less time. If you have kids at home buying pasta is inevitable . So go ahead , buy it in bulk and store it in an air tight container in a cool place.



Dog food : Dog food brands have amazing offers round the year be it in an online store or at the regular pet store. Grab big packs of dog food to save more.


School supplies : School supplies such as books , pens, pencils can cost you more if you buy them few. If you have kids at home, this expenditure is inevitable. It is very economical to buy school supplies in bulk for the entire year. You can use coupons if you are buying them online or you can bargain at the stationary stores for the best deals.



CFL bulbs : We all know CFL bulbs save a lot of power at home. CFL bulbs are on an expensive side but they help you a lot in cutting down your electricity bill. Buy them in bulk in an whole sale store or look for great deals online.


Toothpastes and brushes : Buying large packs of toothpastes and brushes is a budget friendly idea.


Cereals :  Cereals is a great breakfast option especially for people who have no time to cook. You can buy them in bulk and store in an airtight container. They will almost last for 6 months.



Tissues and toilet papers : Dry, wet tissues and toilet papers can be bought in bulk because they don’t get spoiled easily provided they are stored in a dry moisture free space.



Food storage products : Investing on good food storage products will save you a lot of money. You need the best containers to store grains, cereals and left overs for freezing. Many other food storage products are essential like aluminium foils and zip lock bags. Buying them in bulk is a very good idea.close-up-containers-copper-743984

Spices : Spices can last years if stored properly. You can always buy them in bulk and store .


So pals, these are budget friendly tips. Try them out and save big.

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