NO SPEND WEEKEND! I know its totally a new term to many of us and so was to me a few weeks ago until I stumbled upon few videos which explained this amazing frugal habit. So I thought of trying it on my own. First, let me tell you what exactly this no spend weekend is. It’s a weekend where you spend no money on food, travel or partying. I know it sounds difficult but if you actually practice it at least once in a month it will save you a lot of money. Let me tell you what I did on no spend weekend.

19th May 2018 (Saturday): I started my day with drinking lemon infused water. This will help you have a super healthy skin. You can try it too. Then I had a glass of banana vanilla smoothie and started my regular 45 minutes warm up and pilate training exercises. I love preparing a healthy and tasty breakfast but I don’t get much time on weekdays, so I decided to make it that day. I have prepared cheese omelet and toast. I have a habit of reading a book for at least an hour every morning. I read a book on marketing.  

It was almost noon then. I had a plan of decluttering and cleaning my wardrobe. I have divided my clothes into what needs to be kept, what is to be disposed and what is to be donated. I pressed my clothes which were washed a few days back and arranged them properly in my wardrobe. I have attended my regular Spanish classes and cooked some yummy lunch and dinner for myself.

20th May 2018 (Sunday): Morning routine was like Saturday. Added to it I decided to unplug my phone and detox myself. I have made a DIY mask out of sandalwood powder and yogurt and applied to on my face. Apart from that, I pampered my feet with a DIY pedicure. Just like Saturday I have cooked breakfast lunch and dinner for myself.

So this is how I successfully completed my “No spend weekend”. It has saved me a lot of money. Go ahead guys, try it out. 

Let me suggest some activities you could do on a no spend weekend.

1. Try a new recipe.

2. Prepare some homemade snacks.

3. Declutter, organize and clean up your room.

4. Take your pet for a walk.

5. Do a useful DIY project.

6. Read a good book or write a poem.

7. Enjoy a spa day.

8. Plan your expenditure for the coming week.

9. Learn a new skill which will upgrade your resume. You can also learn a new language like I do.

10. Play a sport with friends.

So guys, try out this NO SPEND WEEKEND concept and tell me your experience in comments.

Have a lovely weekend!


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