Masala oat egg omelette

Masala oat egg omelette is a very quick healthy breakfast recipe. It contains loads of proteins and will keep us full for long. This breakfast option is ideal for a busy morning. Now lets have a look at the recipe and try it.


4 eggs

2 tablespoon milk

20-30 gram oats (soaked in water for one hour)

1 tablespoon garam masala powder

1 tablespoon grated carrot

1 table spoon grated coriander

1 tablespoon olive oil

salt, chilli powder to taste

Cherry tomatoes, olives, paneer cubes and coriander to garnish.

Preparation method

Whisk eggs and milk in a bowl.

Add grated carrot ,coriander .

Take the soaked oats in a bowl , mash them and then add it to the whisked egg mixture.

Add garam masala, salt and chilli powder as per your taste.

Now take a pan, grease it well with olive oil, pour the omelette mixture and  cook for 5-8 minutes in medium flame.

Now flip it and cook for a couple of minutes. Let it turn light golden.

Transfer it carefully to the plate and grate it with cherry tomatoes, paneer chunks, coriander and olives.

The yummy “masala oat egg omelette ” is ready to eat.

Serving suggestion : 4 









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