How to grow tomatoes in your balcony

Growing a tiny kitchen garden is an amazing hobby. You can not only get home grown vegetables and herbs which are healthy but also save money on your food expenditure. Not all are fortunate to have a space around their home to grow them. Don’t worry there is a solution to it. We can grow some vegetables, spices and herbs in pots in the balcony.

In this piece of writing I will tell you how to grow tomatoes in your balcony.

1: Choose a sunny place in your balcony where you want to place your pot. Tomato plants require approximately 7 to 10 hours of sunshine.

2. Choose a huge pot. Tomatoes require a lot of nutrition. Always use a rich soil to grow them. You can buy such soil from your nearest nursery. You can  keep adding kitchen wastes to replenish the nutrients. Try adding vermicompost for better results.

3.Now for seeds you can either get them from a tomato in your kitchen or buy them from a nursery or an online store. Take few paper or plastic cups, fill them with the enriched soil you purchased from the nursery and sow the seeds. Sprinkle water everyday. After few days you will find tiny one inched seedlings. Now carefully plant one seedling in one pot . Don’t forget to place a stake (a stick to support the growing plant) as soon as the planting is done.

4. Water the plants everyday and in summer water them twice. Trim the suckers frequently. This will increase the produce. Look for pests if any and terminate them.

5.After few months your plants will bear red and juicy tomatoes. You can start harvesting them and consume. After the harvest do not forget to clean the pots and replace the soil, making it ready for the next plantation.

Hope these tips will help you. Happy gardening!

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