How to glam up your room without burning your pocket

Every now and then we all feel the room we are living in is boring and needs a makeover. In fact sprucing up your room creates positive vibes and improves your mood. We all have a wrong belief that makeover requires a lot of money and it will spoil your monthly budget. If you are one among who thinks so, I will prove you wrong with these budget friendly makeover ideas .

Lets get started.

1.Fairy lights : Fairy lights or Christmas lights are a must have if you are planning for a room make over. They are easily available in any online stores, electric stores or craft stores and are very affordable. The cost ranges from 80 to 200 rupees per meter. Try decorating your bed post , or your favorite wall using them. Let your creativity run and use them with other available home decors.

2.Bed linen and curtains : To make your room really look polished invest in a good bed spread and curtains. You can find affordable bed spreads and curtains in any online store or a fabric shop.Search for a discount coupon if you are planning to purchase online or buy them on sale. Do not compromise over the quality of fabric. Try to choose colors which go with the wall color. I personally prefer neutral colors.

3.Midas touch : Add that golden touch to your old coffee mug or an old home decor . Paint it gold with a spray paint and see the difference.

4. Mason jars : I really love how flexible these jars are especially when you use them to decorate your room. You can pair them with fairy lights and decorate. You can spray paint them and use them as a pen holder or a makeup brush holder. You can use your creativity and make some amazing home decors out of them. Mason jars cost 80 to 100 rupees each. You can buy them in bulk online or in a flea market for a better deal.

5. Washi tapes : These are cute pattern tapes which can beautify literally everything. You can find them in your nearest stationery store, craft store or any online store like Amazon. Wrap them around your boring pens and door knobs to give that beautiful chic look.

6. Monograms : Monograms are my favorite home decors. They cost a couple of hundreds but they add beauty to your desk or your wall. You can buy a ready made monogram or get an MDF one and customize it as per your choice.

7. Picture frame : Add a frame to one of your boring walls. You can paint a picture if you know how to and frame it or just frame a beautiful gift wrapping paper or a piece of an old saree or dupatta. 

8. A green friend : Get yourself an indoor plant. It not only adds beauty to the room but also gifts you loads of oxygen . I got myself an aloe because I can use it in my regular beauty regime.

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