DIY tinted lip balm from leftover lipsticks

We all have those unused lipsticks or leftover lipsticks at home which we do not use and we eventually end up discarding them. Today I am going to tell you a simple diy where you can re use lipstick leftovers to make an amazing tinted lip balm. You can not only get your customized lip balms but also save few hundreds on your cosmetic shopping. Lets get started.

Things you require:

Left over or unused or broken lipstick 


A small container to store lip balm (you can get it from any stationery or craft store )

Rubbing alcohol

Few drops of almond oil or argan oil

Hair dryer

Heat resistant pan, bowl and stove


Keep a pan on low flame, add a little water and let it boil. Now place a steel bowl in it. Add a scoop of lipstick and let it melt.

Now add an equal quantity of Vaseline to it. You can adjust the amount of lip stick or Vaseline based on how light or dark you want the tint to be.

Once both the lipstick and Vaseline melts mix them . Add few drops of argan oil or almond oil and mix.

Now clean the container with rubbing alcohol and transfer the mixture into it.

One environmental friendly suggestion. Try avoid using a plastic container.You get a glass one too.

Use the hair dryer on medium heat setting to set the lip balm mixture in the container. Be very careful while doing this. You might end up melting your container if you are using a plastic one.

Once the mixture settles down, place it in a refrigerator for about two hours.

Remember use the lip balm before 6 months from the day its made . You can 

mark the container with the date.

Voila! The customized lip balm is ready to use.


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