6 secrets to bake an amazing cake

What’s happiness? I call it a perfectly baked cake. Some tips if followed can make your cake a perfect one. Today lets learn these six secrets to bake an amazing cake. 

1.Find a perfect recipe : Always find and pen down a good recipe before you bake. You can find some great recipes from books or internet or probably from a friend.


2.Preheat the Oven : Always preheat the oven before baking. The cake will raise in an excellent manner. It will also help in increasing the shelf life of the cake.

3.Measure the flour properly : Be very careful while measuring the flour.Use a dry measuring cup and remove excess flour with a knife.

4.Do not use cold eggs : Cold eggs don’t mix well with flour and other ingredients. Make sure you bring them to room temperature before using them. Same goes with butter.


5.Once cake mixture is made, put it straight into the oven. The raising agent will start working as soon as it gets in touch with wet ingredient. To maximize the raise , put it in oven as soon as possible.

6.Stick to cooking times: Follow timings stated in the recipe strictly . Check whether the entire cake is cooked. When pressed around the edges and at the center it should feel the same.

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