10 dusty places at home you need to clean

We all deep clean our homes once in a week or once in 15 days but we always tend to neglect few places and they remain dusty and dirty throughout the year. Today let me remind you to clean those places so that your house emerges super clean.

1.Ceiling fans and pedestal fans : Check out the wings. They are covered with dust and need to be cleaned. Clean them using a dry clean cloth. In case of pedestal fans open the guard and clean.

2. Books and bookshelf tops : Books and book shelf tops contain loads of dust which should be regularly cleaned. You can use a wet cloth along with some detergent if needed to clean them.

3.Fake plants : All the fake plants need to be thoroughly cleaned with water and cleaning liquid regularly to keep them dust free.

4.Light bulbs and chandeliers : We often neglect cleaning light bulbs and sometimes we purposely don’t clean chandeliers as its a hectic job. They are the real dust magnets at home.

5. Indoor plant leaves : Leaves of indoor plants have dust. They can be cleaned by spraying water and cleaning it with a cloth.

6.Window frame ledges

7.Lampshades : They definitely require a good clean up.


8. Valleys in your furniture : The crevices and valleys in your furniture have loads of dust deposited. You can easily clean them using vacuum cleaner. You can use the skinny nozzle for effective cleaning.

9. Decorative items : You can clean them with a dry cloth during your deep cleaning sessions.


10. Top of refrigerator:

So guys, pen them down and do not forget to clean them this time.

Have a happy cleaning session!

Much love from the author!

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